TellyVisuals VirtualDJ Plugin Page

A lot of time and effort has gone into TellyVisuals and TellyMedia. They are free to use but please make a donation if they are useful for you and for their on going development. Both are for VDJ versions 7 and 8. Versions 4 and above are for VDJ 8 only.
You need to make a donation of 40 dollars or more to receive the prime versions. Twitter, Twilio, 3D rotation of images, clocks, and shape have been added to the prime version. You get my full attention and support that is better than most companies will provide. Keep in mind that I am generous with my time. You can donate with PayPal by check, debit or credit card. Thank You.

TellyVisuals *BETA* version 4.25 - An updated version that is VDJ 32 and 64 bit compatible. The installer will install both 32 and 64 bit versions. Requires that you have a license code.
TellyMedia 64 bit *BETA* version 4.06 - An updated version that is VDJ 64 bit compatible. The installer will install the 64 bit version only. Requires that you have a license code.
TellyVisuals version 3.01 - Layout, Logos, scrolling text and images, borders, animated gif. Has the ability to capture the VDJ video into a panel or multiple panels. You can resize it, move it around, give it a border, and mirror or tile it.
  TellyVisuals version 3.54 Plus / Prime - Adds the ability to serve as an SMS text messaging display application. Can connect to SMS applications such as Pangolin's IMU, iWall 3.7 for SMS, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Adds over 800 emotions including the emoji set. Allows cover art display for currently playing song. Requires a license code which is sent to you when you make a donation as stated above.

Pushbullet and Twilio support have been added to the release version of TellyVisuals Plus. You will need to add the appropriate user tokens received from each in order to use them. Twitter hashtag support has also been added. Twilio and Twitter require your donation level to be at least 40 dollars. 3D rotation of images is also included at the 40 dollar donation level. Shape has also been added which is good for changing the shape of the display when using a projection system.
TellyMedia version 1.97 - Outstanding playback of audio, video, image, CDG, and Flash swf files. Includes Camera support with green or blue screen removal. Has a slideshow feature called Carousel for video and image files. Carousel can use an unlimited number of files and loads the files out of a folder. Load media paks of 48 clips at a time with random, sequential or manual playback.
  TellyMedia version 2.27 Plus - Adds the ability to use multiple screens in addition to the VDJ screen. Media, Caroursel, and Camera, can each be placed on a separate display. Adds 2 media banks for a total of 72 clips per pak file. Adds IP camera support. Requires a license code which is sent to you when you make a donation as stated above.
TellyContainer64 *BETA* version 4.05 - Allows TellyMedia and TellyVisuals to run without VirtualDJ. It installs in it's own folder with it's own desktop icon. Requires a license code which is sent to you when you make a donation as stated above.

TC64 installs into C:/Program Files/TellyContainer and the settings files are stored in <name>/My Documents/TellyContainer. It does not use the existing TellyContainer 32 settings or folders. TC64 is available for all current license holders. If you are testing this version please send me an email and let me know if you run into any problems.

ffmpeg is used for decoding of some video and audio files. The ffmpeg src code used in TM and TV can be down-loaded here: ffmpeg-N-50056-gc63f9fb-src.tar.xz. Note that this is developer code and will not be useful for most.